Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word συνεργία synergia[1] from synergos, συνεργός, meaning “working together”. Synergy teaches you all sorts of things.(Wiki)

At Christmas time I developed a little project that i´d been working on for quite a while with essential oils, three “synergy” blends, they were a special for Christmas, but over these past few months while i´ve been developing other products, these guys have stuck around, been quite useful, not only in my own personal home and daily use, but also in spa therapy treatments.


I love essential oils. They are super super potent (a LOT of plant is needed to extract a few drops of oil), they are powerful, and should be used with care and respect. The aroma is the personality of the plant, its essence, its soul. These oils are all as unique as the raw plant material from which they are derived. The essential volatile oils, are just that, volatile, they evaporate off into the air,  lacing it with their scent, which tells you which plant you are face to face with, without even opening your eyes. By process of distillation in water or steam, their souls are released from the plant matter, exalted, and caught drop by drop in the receiving vessel.

My three synergy blends of oils, are ones that I have always found useful and so helpful in my day to day life. Of course there are millions more options of blends of essential oils, these I have chosen through my time working with the oils I have personally come to love and find really work together. The blends compliment each other aromatically but I have also tried to focus them to a certain energy and therapeutic effect. These three basic blends, that can also be related to certain energetic areas of the body, not all the individual chakras, but areas of energy. See noted below the chakra/s in focus for each blend.


The three blends are multi-functional and can be used for Daily well-being, to help balance the mind, heart and soul. As well as Yoga, meditation, sleep, massage and facial steams/hot cloth treatment.

Synergistic blends of pure therapeutic grade essential oils with pure Sweet Almond oil.

Applied on the pulse points, temples, neck area, chest. For therapeutic baths. Or mix into a base oil to use for massage.

Rosemary, Geranium & Patchouli

Ylang, Lavender, Petitgrain & Eucalyptus

Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Ylang & Vanilla



I came up with a cute idea for presenting these three little bottles of concentrated flower souls. And by partner in crime Inspektor Gadjet helped me make them a reality out of some lovely pieces of wood.

So happy to present these very special blends in an equally special presentation, which is very simple, rustic and natural. I think it looks great on any shelf in my house. As we could all do with throwing less away, this is refillable or re-usable if you like.

Here are some photos of the process…

I hope you like it!

Available in our Etsy  And  in La Escuela Andalusi

Wishing you a joyous Springtime full of flowers.