CACAO (Cacao Theobroma)

 cacao treeCacao is a true super food, found on a small evergreen tree named Cacao Theobroma, which is native to Central America. These days it is cultivated in many countries that are found in tropical regions around the equator. Its fruit contains seeds which are used to yield Cacao butter and cacao powder, the ingredients that are used to make Chocolate.



cacaoCacao was brought to Europe when the first conquistadors returned from the Americas bearing exotic fruits and goods. The generic name is derived from Greek for “food of the gods”; from (theos), meaning “god,” and (broma), meaning “food”. It is also thought that the word “Chocolate is a Spanish adaption of the original Aztec word Chocolatl´.

cacao pod

 Here I will be talking about the raw Cacao, from the humble Cacao bean and from which are produced the Cacao butter, which is a creamy white butter, solid at room temperature. (If you are lucky enough to find unrefined virgin butter it retains its natural aroma which smells like rich wonderful chocolate.) and Cacao powder, this very bitter tasting in its natural state.

To produce a bar of typical Chocolate as we know it today, the raw cacao ingredients are mixed with sugar to reduce bitterness, as well as milk, in milk chocolate, and various emulsifiers can also be found, such as soy lecithin.Other cheap substitutes regularly pop up on the ingredients list, such as Palm oil or other vegetable oils, which are much cheaper than Cacao butter, so are used as fillers, instead of the real stuff…

So when I talk about Cacao I really mean the raw ingredients; the cacao butter and the cacao powder. Although being a Chocolateir I really must say that I love all Chocolate, and a real bar of high quality Chocolate with over 80% Cacao solids, even if it does contain sugar!

Cacao powder.
cacao beanzEating Cacao and dark high quality Chocolate offers great health benefits, Raw Cacao powder is loaded with Vitamins A, B12, B-complex, D and E and minerals including calcium, potassium and zinc as well as high levels of Theobromine, which is the naturally occurring stimulant in chocolate, much alike caffeine in Coffee. Caffeine and Theobromine have skin firming effects and are often used to tighten the skin and reduce puffiness.

Cacao powder also contains plenty of antioxidants, it has even more than other well known antioxidant foods such as Red wine, green tea- Antioxidant-rich foods are a vital part of the diet because they help repair damage to your skin tissue.

Cacao butcoaco butterter.
The fat of the cacao bean, each bean comprises more than 50% butter. Cacao butter has a melting point of around 34–38°C rendering it a solid at room temperature. Cacao butter and Chocolate melt just at body temperature which is why it has such a unique silky texture and melts in the mouth or on contact with skin.

The moisturizing abilities of cocoa butter are frequently recommended for treatment of chapped or burned skin and lips, and as a daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin as well as the prevention of stretch marks. Cacao butter is recognised as a natural skin barrier which help keep skin keep moisture in.