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About our Star product – “Triphala” Facial cleanser 

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Fantastic blog by Cuidemonos Click here ♥ :


A review on the blog: Coulant de turron ♥

Favoritos del verano - Porporaporpita ♥

Favoritos del verano – Porporaporpita ♥ Summer favourites.

Hecho a mano con amor

Earth mother and baby oils. By Porpora Porpita ♥


About our “Big hand cream” and “Cacao body butter bar

Cacao bar Porpora

About our Cacao body butter bar!

Cacao bars

Blog MiLady makeup ♥

About our “Isis” Exfoliator and “Shakti” Body oils


Article by: Melohadicholola


Event reviews

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♥ Gea – Cosmetica Biologica ♥

There are a few articles around the web about our first presentation of Alchemy at “Gea”, a biological skincare shop and beauty therapy centre in Seville city.

This shop specializes in Biological skincare where you may find a wide range of our Alchemy products.

If you live close by, dont doubt to stop by, the lovely staff are helpful, knowledgeable and also offer a wide range of body and facial treatments.

For more information about GEA… click on these linka:ética-Biológica


 Here are some are some reviews of our presentation…






 On Youtube!

(These videos are in Spanish)





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