Welcome! In this post I explain in a bit more detail how to use our products in your daily skincare routine…

About… All Alchemy skin products intend to help restore the natural balance of the skin. None of these products are aggressive on the skin, they are natural and gentle. Aimed for daily use and can be of great benefit to long term skin health.

Step 1, Cleanse!

_DSC0200A gentle 100‰ natural cleanse,  can be acheived with our dry powder cleanser “Triphala”, which is a powerful and adaptable must have for daily skincare.

Mix with a few drops of water every day and you create your daily cleanser, fresh, 100% natural and from preservatives!

This is a powerful dry powder blend of organic Triphala dried herbal preparation, Clay, Spices and essential oils, which detoxify and balance while offering antioxidants and vitamins to help regenerate and nourish the skin.

A few times a week, use as a treatment mask. leave on for a 5 minutes and rinse with cool water. Why not try spicing up your treatment by mixing with yogurt, honey, hydrosols to create your custom face mask.


For more info visit: TRIPHALA



 (Photos by Antonio Ferrus and Julian Calvo - Maledictis Studios)


Step 2. Nourish and condition!

Tridevi- Balancing Complexion Oils.

hexagon-trideviThese nourishing and balancing complexion oils feed your skin with a unique blend of nutritious plant oils, with naturally antibacterial qualities and enriched with vitamins and essential fatty acids to nourish your skin.

Essential oils of Rose Geranium, Lavender and Ylang Ylang with their cheerful aromas help to heal the skin’s surface and balance sebum production – harmonizing for all skin types.

This oil is a perfect regenerating night-time treatment. It´s non greasy texture works to balance and condition while you sleep.

To use this product simply warm a drop or two (less is more) in the palms of your hands and pat gently into the skin, don’t forget your neck!

Massage and deep cleanse treatment:

This oil is apt for use as a facial massage treatment. Dispense a generous amount into the hands and follow with your massage.

Our favourite trick is to use this product before my cleanse, massaging the oil into your skin for at least five minutes, warming it and allowing it sink into the pores, as oil can reach much deeper into the pores of the skin it also attracts and draws out other oils and sebum.

Follow by soaking a cloth in hot water,enough to create steam (be careful not too hot to burn your skin), drape the cloth over your face and apply pressure gently. Rinse and repeat this a few times until you are satisfied that the oil has been removed.

For oily or troubled skin, you may follow with our Isis exfoliator or Triphala.

For drier skin types, you may simply splash with cool water and continue on to apply your chosen moisturiser.

For more info about this product visit this link: TRIDEVI


Step 3. Moisturise!

Follow up your cleanse with one of our two moisturisers…

Hempalicious- Light & firming face cream.

_DSC0215Next, our luscious Hemp face cream, “Hempalicious! ” This is the stressed out skin´s best friend: Hemp oil, is naturally antibacterial, very light and non comedogenic yet full of nutrients and fatty acids to help your skin regain its natural equilibrium, calms reactive and acne prone skin and dry irritated skin patches.

To use: Simply apply to your clean skin at any time of the day.

ABOUT Organic Hemp seed oil: A natural aid to Rebel skin! It’s naturally antibacterial and brimming with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the exact 3:1 ratio that is uniquely suited to heal and nourish your skin. Gamma linoleic acid (GLA) improves the consistency of the natural oils produced by the skin helping to decongest and leave pores less visible.

More info about this product: HEMPALICIOUS!


Butter & Seed – Soothing, Moisturising natural protection face cream

Thick and creamy lotion. Deep hydration and skin protection.

Contains Organic Shea nut butter, pure Cacao butter, Raspberry seed oil and Avocado. These butters and oils are well known for their protective and nourishing properties and have a naturally occurring –  protection factor against the suns rays, as well as being rich in nutrients, antioxidants and Potassium.

Non photosensitive and with a subtle fragrance of Chamomile and lavender making it perfect for sensitive, dry and ageing skin in need of some protection from the elements.

To use: Simply apply to your clean skin at any time of the day.


butter and seed butter and seed


Step 4, On the spot treatment!

Healing Balm with Propolis and Tea tree – For bites, stings and spots.

This “Miracle Balm” is antibacterial and supremely healing, effective at treating infections and soothing pain.

A must have for your bag or take on travels, camping, summer nights and even to just have around the house!

• Use to as an antiseptic on spots and to help in the healing process

• Mosquito bites! Help relieve itching and inflammation

• Heal sore skin after itching

• Minor cuts and grazes

• Help heal ingrown hairs & prevent infection

• Dry and split cuticles

Antibacterial and supremely healing this light balsam should be applied to skin to help heal skin and relieve itching,


Miracle Balm Alchemy