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Fresh, honest skincare with all natural ingredients


About Alchemy:
Welcome to Alchemy Skin & Soul, Natural, artesanal skin care from the mountains of southern Spain. Our range captures the essence of nature; pure, natural and free from toxins. Using ingredients in their most raw state, full of benefits for our skin, promoting its natural equilibrium for healthy beautiful skin.

It is pure skin care made with natural ingredients, offering a product with conscience and respect to the environment, avoiding use of large industry or synthetic chemicals to carry out a totally hand-made and healthy process. When creating our products we try to start as close to source as possible, Sourcing raw materials directly from producers and if possible, getting to know them and their work process. In this way we can offer our products, proud that they are fresh and that each ingredient has its own unique story.

Our guide of ethics:

  • We carefully select our raw materials, choosing the highest quality, 100% natural, ingredients that have not undergone any type of process of refinement, or made contact with chemicals or synthetic materials.
  • We trade fairly and use  co-operative run, Fair-trade or local producers to supply our raw ingredients.
  • All products packaged in glass and aluminium recycle-able or upcycle-able bottles and jars.
  • We never use mineral oils, synthetic fragrance oils or Palm oil.
  • We steer clear of any GMO or transgenic products.
  • All our oils are cold pressed, virgin and unrefined.
  • We do not test or use any ingredient tested on animals.
  • Our butters and oils are mixed carefully avoiding extreme high temperatures in order to help retain the raw, beneficial properties of the raw material.

Our inspiration is all around us, a gift from mother nature, a combination of fascination and the gathering of age old herbal remedies, uses of local mountainside herbs and ancient eastern healthcare principles, such as the millennia old Ayurveda (meaning science of life).
We seek out the fresh, most nutrient rich herbs, flowers, spices and oils to get the greatest beneficial properties for well being. It just seems like common sense, and quite in keeping with the wisdom passed down from our elders. Alchemy is about finding peace and enjoyment with your daily skincare rituals, keeping it simple and incorporating more nature into our lives.


About us:

Natalie Ogden Founder & creator

Natalie Ogden Founder & creator

Hi I´m Natalie, the creator of Alchemy skin and soul, a philosophy turned lifetime project which I launched in 2014. Since planting this little seed I lovingly tend to all aspects of our sapling company and enjoy be us grow strong and steady

I was born in Kent, in south east England, I initially studied art and design and later worked in leather crafting and bookbinding. Working with my hands is something I love and continue to do, creating unique leather books, accessories and jewellery, its something that is a part of me.

Since I was a little girl, collecting beans in my back garden with my mother, up to having my own outside space to grow plants and herbs, I never found a moment that nature didn’t play an important role in my life, my daily inspiration comes from the cycles of nature and watching the changes in season, making our work change all throughout the year. Herbal, plant based remedies and ancient healthcare principles such as Ayurveda have always fascinated me, the simplicity but innate common sense spoke to me.

After moving to Spain 5 years ago, I began work making handmade chocolates in a tiny chocolate factory, also giving workshops, teaching people about the origins and uses of Cacao, in food but also in skincare. Along with my passion for growing my own foods and seeking out beneficial wild plants and herbs, I began to create my own skincare products, further inspired by my increasing contact with raw butters and antioxidant rich foods and yummy chocolates, I wanted to create something equally deliciously good for the skin, and it´s all provided for us by nature. So my project Alchemy skin & soul was born.


My team:
My partner is a vital part of this team and we work together on many projects. Specialised in Graphic design, sound engineering and photography, Julian calvo Orquin AKA Inspektor gadet is also an accomplished musician and inventor. Sharing our ideas with creative minds and passion for our projects, we help each other.

Without our dog, there is no team! As well as having our chickens and rescued animal friends, we always have Marli at our side. She brings us all the love in the world and always teaches us to be better people. As any creative or entrepreneur will know, people who understand and share your journey, and your Dog are most essential!

The place:
We work and produce our products from the “sierra de Mijas”
in the Andalusian mountains, Southern Spain. Alchemy was born in a small farmhouse between the mountains and the sea. The air is clean and smells of Pine, Jasmine and Rosemary. We spend our time in the free space and beautiful surroundings, with so many wild plants and things to learn.
We try our hand at all sorts of different gardening projects and try to grow as many veggies and herbs as possible along with the fruit and nut trees in our garden. We focus on practicing different organic farming and Permaculture methods on a small scale and support local organic markets as well as our local heirloom seed bank! There are so many things to do, grow and see that we are never bored!

“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter. ” – Bill Mollison, founder of permaculture.

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